RFID and chip cards

RFID chip cards use the modern RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) radio technology for wireless data transmission. The RFID chip in the card enables access control or time recording without having to insert the card into a reader. The chip is read out and written wirelessly.

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RFID chip cards are the latest generation of access control and offer many other functions on top of this. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and involves identification using an electromagnetic transporter. Thanks to RFID chip cards, it is no longer necessary to insert a standard card directly into a reader, since the signal can also be read out wirelessly. RFID chip cards have also been used up to now as reloadable tickets and admission cards. In the office sector, they can be simultaneously used for improved access control, time recording and as a means of payment in the canteen and/or company sales.

RFID chip cards offer a high level of data security and can be personalised with individual printing or can simply be provided with the company logo or lettering. Only RFID chips from well–known manufacturers are used here.

We offer you

  • RFID chip cards for access control and time recording
  • It is possible to subsequently print blank cards
  • Available with coding, upon request
  • Chip cards from manufacturers Mifare,NXP, Legic, EM
  • If required, along with badge holders and card holders