ID card racks

Special wall card racks are recommended for any places, in which plastic cards with or without magnetic stripes or chips need to be securely stored. These are simply mounted on the wall and usually offer space for up to ten chip cards. Several wall card racks can be mounted adjacent to each other or on top of each other in order to provide even more storage space. The card racks are highly recommended at workplaces with time recording systems, where they can be used by employees to store their cards in after entering the building. In addition to this option, there are plenty of other possibilities e.g. close to hand storage of visitor passes, health cards and in other restricted areas, such as backstage at exhibitions, events and concerts.

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Browsing through a stack of cards in a standard plastic box is not fun for anyone. Firstly, the cards may be damaged during transport, secondly, it is tricky to locate the right plastic card when there are over 100 cards in the pile, for example, if personalised access cards with names on are handed out for a conference or an event.

Special storage boxes for plastic cards are by far the best solution here. These storage boxes have a capacity for 70 to 100 plastic cards, which are inserted in an upright manner into the plastic slot provided. As the card is slotted into place, this prevents two cards sticking together and the magnetic stripe or chip being damaged. What?s more, this also ensures that all cards are well sorted and visible at a glance. Should visitors arrive, their personalised card can be found in a matter of seconds as soon as you have their name, as the cards can be sorted alphabetically.

The robust, heavy–duty storage boxes are designed in such a way that they can be securely closed at any time and carried using the integrated handle. However, when they are not needed at exhibitions and events, they prove rather handy at companies, clubs and other facilities: Non–personalised printed access cards for visitors and guests can be stored in this manner so they are close to hand in storage boxes in a drawer or on a shelf. The layout of the boxes makes it easy to place vouchers with different values next to each other, so that employees do not need to spend too long looking. A protective cover prevents dust accumulating on the cards.

Storage boxes for plastic cards are tailored to the standardised dimensions of commercial EC cards. These dimensions are also used for the vast majority of printed plastic cards, including for membership passes and employee ID cards, payment cards and similar. Thanks to its slimline low design, the storage box fits into every shelf and every desk drawer.