Plastic Cards Printing

Our custom plastic business cards are perfect to showcase your business. Karteo offers you a range of styles and printing options for your plastic cards. Choose from a variety of printing options. We offer custom gift cards, eco friendly cards, card cards, magnetic stripe cards, magnetic stripe cards, barcode gift cards, QR code cards, rechargeable gift cards, loyalty and reward cards in our shop.

Printing method to choose from:

Offset Printing

Plastic Cards Printing - Custom Gift Cards, Business Cards

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Plastic card printing using sheet fed offset printing. Have your plastic cards printed in the required layout and with individual features. Plastic card printing using the sheet-fed offset process is the preferred option, with high quality and a long service life.

The benefits:

most preferred printing option
high quality
individual additional options available

Minimum order: from 100 pieces

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Retransfer express printing

Plastic Cards Printing - Express Delivery

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For smaller runs or express printing. Single or double-sided printing as specified. Printing prepared cards is also an option. The digital re-transfer printing method is used for this. It also provides absolute top quality and professional results.

The benefits:

Express print available
Printing customer-issued cards
Printing individual details

Minimum order: from 10 pieces

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Our service for you - so you can get going:

In order to achieve the best possible results, we offer the right printing method for you.

The print file also plays a central role. We are happy to assist you with this, and can also take on the card design.

Design and concepts

Do you still need a design for your cards? We can assist you with this.

Express delivery possible

When it needs to happen quickly - you'll get your cards within 48 hours.


How do we do the printing? This is outlined in this short video.

Layout and artwork

All information on attaching files can be found here.

Card use

Club cards

Regulate access to large events using specially coded plastic cards. These function as entrance passes to certain areas, means of payment and much more besides.

Key cards

Coded plastic cards have replaced traditional keys in most hotels, and with good reason. When are you, too, switching to a modern access system using cards?

Golf cards

Make it easy for members of your golf club, with personal membership cards. These function as an access card to the club grounds, as a means of payment in the club restaurant and shops, and much more besides.

Bank cards

Traditional farmers markets, street food festivals, car boot sales and similar events are becoming ever more popular. Use top-up plastic payment cards, so that eternal search for small change becomes a thing of the past!

Gift vouchers

Topping up credit on personal gift vouchers are now an important way of increasing your sales. Offer attractively designed plastic cards to give away in your shop or restaurant.

Backstage passes

Regulate access to large events using specially coded plastic cards. These function as entrance passes to certain areas, means of payment and much more besides.

Gym cards

Versatile, to use in gyms and sports clubs. Handy for entry into the studio as well as opening and closing the turnstile. They are also often used for entry into other areas not accessible to all members, and much more besides.

Yacht club cards

Prevent unauthorised access to your marina by handing out special access cards to club members and visitors. So you always have full control over who is on your premises.

Loyalty cards

Reward your regular customers' loyalty with extras such as discounts and small gifts! Do this using numbered or name cards personalised with your business logo or other design.

Quality - stable and safe

Our mission is: professionalism and quality in the production and personalisation of plastic and contactless cards

The plastic card is very popular thanks to its toughness. Dirt and liquids hardly affect the card at all. Even if the card is bent slightly, it does not snap immediately. Plastic cards have a very long life span compared to paper cards or paper ID cards and so are therefore very popular.

Print your plastic cards using your own layout. We are happy to help you get your plastic card printed individually.


Plastic cards feature in every aspect of our lives. These plastic items are used by employees in various companies, institutions and many industries.

With PVC cards, we can use RFID chips, QR codes and barcodes, magnetic stripes and more to access places and services. Identity cards with name, colour photos, or just a unique number put your employees or customers in touch with one another and help you to grow your ideas and brands.

Trust in our professionalism and experience in manufacturing plastic cards. Order now!

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