Regardless of whether you need plastic cards, blank cards or magnetic stripe cards – sometimes you need a quick solution to your individually tailored ID cards. No matter whether it is for events or everyday operations for new employees. The software from cardPresso means you will be perfectly equipped and can print your own passes, access or membership cards in line with your requirements.

cardPresso is professional card printing software for simple design, printing and coding of plastic cards, cards with magnetic stripes, RFID cards and chip cards. As an official partner of cardPresso, you will receive the best advice and support.

The software is available in five different versions, which can be adjusted to the respective situation and requirements.

The versions at a glance

In addition to the basic function (XXS Lite Version), XXS also includes an internal database with unlimited data records.

XS offers the option to establish data connections to existing databases (including .XLS and .CSV) and to use QR codes.

XM enables photos in the database, a FaceCrop tool for facial recognition, 2D bar codes and a local MS Access data connection.

XL also offers an ODBC connection, contactless RFID direct coding and a smartcard plugin, card design with several layouts etc.

The XXL version also offers advanced functions, such as DESFire, web print server and Net Licence for up to 16 PCs.

Which version works best for you? Our recommendation for you

The right CardPresso version for everyone

Selecting suitable software is dependent on one?s own requirements. As such, it is sufficient for a small sports club, which wants to print plastic cards as membership passes for its 40 members, to use the XXS Lite version of Card Presso. For a larger club or an event organiser, who wants to print 200–300 passes, it should be the XXS version. A minimum of the XS version is recommended for companies, who permit access to internal company databases, to use the data for card printing. If membership passes, club cards etc. are provided with RFID chips, the XL version of Card Presso is the best choice.

Order and install CardPresso

Card Presso is a user–friendly piece of software which is easy to install. It is available for both Mac OS X and Windows, whereby not all functions are available for Mac OS X versions. Encoding for smartcards, RFID and NFC, as well as access to MS Access databases is possible only in the Windows version, for example. Card Presso software can optionally be downloaded from the Internet or on a USB stick or requested as an installation CD. Different versions of Card Presso are included in the scope of supply of the card printer. If just the XXS Lite or XXS Edition is included, you can pay for the corresponding necessary upgrade.

CardPresso demo and templates CardPresso download demo

Has the software aroused your interest and you want to give it a try? You can download the demo version for Windows or Mac free of charge here. Please also make use of our free CardPresso templates. Please note that you will need to have downloaded the demo version of the software prior to editing the templates.

Download CardPresso demo for Windows download CardPresso demo for Mac OS X template 1 videos and presentation due an upgrade?

Do you already own CardPresso software and want to upgrade to a higher edition? Choose the right upgrade and reap the benefits of additional and advanced functions of the higher edition.

Which card printers are supported?

The software is multilingual and is set to English. If a Windows–compatible printer header is installed, then it can be controlled with the software. Both Zebra, Datacard, Evolis, HID Fargo, Duracard, Magicard, Team Nisca and many other card printers can be used.

Can I use the software to print the front and back of a back with a bar code?

cardPresso software can print one–dimensional bar codes (standard bar codes) on the front and back of the card.

Are there cardPresso templates for creating card layouts?

Yes, cardPresso has produced several templates for single and double sided printing of plastic cards, including text, graphics, logos, shapes, colour gradients, QR codes and bar codes.

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