The widest range of plastic cards can be printed in an independent manner with a practical card printer from Evolis. The card printer can be rather simply connected to your own computer or laptop via USB or network and be supplied with blank cards. Depending on the model, monochrome or full colour printing is possible. Printing can be single or double sided. The card printers are able to print text, graphics, logos, photos and bar codes.

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Buy card printer from Evolis

A card printer from Evolis always makes good sense: Evolis laid its roots in France and now has subsidiaries all over the world, from the USA, to India, through to China and Japan. Evolis card printers are sold by over 400 distributors in 140 counties across the globe. It goes without saying that the company is a real world market leader in the field of plastic card printing. Evolis? customers include large companies, small and medium–sized enterprises and private end customers. Card printers from Evolis can be used for the widest range of purposes:

  • Staff ID cards and access cards for restricted areas
  • Customer and loyalty cards
  • Student and club passes
  • Payment cards
  • Tickets
  • Vouchers and gift cards
  • Admission cards

A handy Evolis card printer enables effortless plastic printing from any location with a power supply, for example, to produce access cards for exhibitions, conferences, events and festivals at the box office.

Evolis card printer meets all your needs

Evolis offers the right technical solution for every customer A small handy card printer from Evolis, like the Badgy, is offered at a very attractive price and reliably prints individual cards or small series quickly and in colour. Thanks to the software included in the scope of supply, personalised designs can be created for the card printer from Evolis: The club emblem, for example, the company logo or even personalised identification with a photo of the user.

For higher requirements, there are also suitable card printers from Evolis, such as the industrial colour card printer Quantum 2 with magnetic stripe coder and chip contact station. The Primacy Lamination card printer from Evolis is the rather practical choice, which directly laminates the freshly printed cards and therefore protects them. Larger card printers are able to print over 100 cards per hour in high resolution and are thus particularly well suited to large and regular events. Double sided printing and equipment with special chips, such as the well–known RFID chips for cashless payment, for example, in company canteens or local public transport do not pose any problems. If required, a wide range of additional options can be ordered with the standard card printer model.

Cleaning material for card printers

A card printer must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure neat printing without streaks.  For this purpose, special cleaning material must be used for the card printers. The vast majority of card printer manufacturers also offer cleaning materials, with it not being absolutely necessary to exclusively use the company?s own cleaning material for card printers. Typical cleaning materials for card printers comprises:

  • Cleaning cards
  • Cleaning swabs
  • Cleaning rollers
  • Cleaning cartridges
  • Cleaning wipes

A number of manufacturers also offer so–called kits, holding the various cleaning utensils, which are designed for a certain part of the printer. This is a wise choice particularly for beginners, as individual cleaning materials for card printers are bought at a later date if they run low.