Plastic Cards Printing

Our custom plastic business cards are perfect to showcase your business. Karteo offers you a range of styles and printing options for your plastic cards. Choose from a variety of printing options. We offer custom gift cards, eco friendly cards, card cards, magnetic stripe cards, magnetic stripe cards, barcode gift cards, QR code cards, rechargeable gift cards, loyalty and reward cards in our shop.
Blank Cards

" You want to organize participants, visitors and employees...

Blank PVC Cards with magnetic stripe

"Blank PVC Cards with magnetic strips are today used in a variety...

PVC Cards with Slot Punches

Plastic cards are easily lost or forgotten in purses and...

Plastic Cards and RFID

"Our options for empty plastic cards include a white,...

Slot Punches

Slot punches are standard equipment of any office. In addition to...

ID Card Rack

"Wherever plastic cards with or without a magnetic strip or chip...

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PVC blank cards white

PVC blank cards white

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Wall card rack

Wall card rack

95,14 € *
(net: 0,23 €) (net: 0,23 €) (net: 0,36 €) (net: 0,36 €) (net: 0,36 €) (net: 0,20 €) (net: 79,95 €)

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