Cleaning material

A card printer must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure neat printing without streaks. For this purpose, special cleaning material must be used for the card printers. The vast majority of card printer manufacturers also offer cleaning materials, with it not being absolutely necessary to exclusively use the company?s own cleaning material for card printers.

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Typical cleaning material for card printers:

  • Cleaning cards
  • Cleaning swabs
  • Cleaning rollers
  • Cleaning cartridges
  • Cleaning wipes

A number of manufacturers also offer so–called kits, holding the various cleaning utensils. They are designed for a certain part of the printer. This is a wise choice particularly for beginners, as individual cleaning materials for card printers are bought at a later date if they run low.

Using cleaning materials correctly

Cleaning cards are indispensable when it comes to cleaning card readers and card printers. These cards are soaked in a cleaning solution and ensure that the contacts are cleaned in a gentle manner. The cleaning swabs, which resemble cosmetics cotton buds, are used to remove deposits on the print heads. Here it is rather important to remove individual colour particles, which leave unwanted marks on the printed cards. Cleaning rollers, cleaning cartridges and cleaning tapes clean the blank cards before being printed. It is important that the cards are absolutely free from dust, so that they can be neatly printed. Since dust accumulates on the cleaning rollers, they need to be replaced on a regular basis. It is dependent on the respective model when it comes to selecting which cleaning material is the right choice for the card printer.