Blank PVC Cards with magnetic stripe

"Blank PVC Cards with magnetic strips are today used in a variety of ways. The magnetic stripe stores coded data which is read out by special readers. Known plastic cards with magnetic stripes include, for example, credit cards and EC cards / girocards, as well as employee cards giving access to the building and to certain departments, key cards for hotel rooms, loyalty cards, vouchers and much more. PVC blank plastic cards for self-printing are optionally available with a LoCo or HiCo magnetic stripe. The difference between LoCo (Low Coercivity) and HiCo (High Coercivity) lies in the way the magnetic stripes are described. HiCo Magnetic Strips are slightly more expensive and require more energy when encoding and reading. But because of the higher magnetic field, they are more robust, so data loss is not so easy. Our plastic cards are often used as club card, membership card or customer card. All cards are manufactured according to the ISO standard 7810. The plastic cards can be finished with logo, name, barcode, image data, signature field, magnetic stripe, numbering or prizes. The plastic card is printed according to Euroscale or in special colors like (silver, gold metallic). "


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