Badge reel Key-Bak XXL with beltclip and Keyring

Número de artículo: KB-BC-S48K-E-0
Cable length: approx. 100 cm

Speciality: with heat resistant Kevlar © cable

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KEY-BAK SUPER48 Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain with Kevlar © cable


Badge reel color: black textured
Size: 6,6 x 5,7 x 7,7 cm
length of the Kevalarseils: approx. 100 cm
Attachment: with clip
Keyring: up to 15 Keys


For over 50 years, KEY-BAK one of the most popular and used Badge Reel in the USA. The patented Super48 Key Holder with spring steel belt clip is particularly rugged an shock-resistant by the polycarbonate case.

The Kevlar © cable is very heat resistant and has been tested for more than one million pulls to withstand every other retractable key holder on the market..

The carabiner yoyo with neck strap lanyard is a commonly used method for attaching keys, ID card holders, access passes or tickets to a bag or clothing. Using either carabiner ID card holder clips on the belt buckle, for example, or a clip on the waistband. Simply pull on the key ring which releases some cord and the key can be used or membership ID presented. The yo-yo has no snap-lock, so the badge reel automatically retracts the cord and the key or ID badge is once again secure and, if required, visible on the person's body or bag. Retractable yoyo reel ID card holders are versatile and popular because they are simple and comfortable to use. .

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